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The Walking Dead! Tonight!

Wow… did you see tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead? Quite wild. Makes me wonder, who would’ve ever thought that watching zombies would actually make me happy? If you aren’t watching it, you’re seriously missing out :) Season 1 & 2 are on Netflix. You should watch it…

Anyway, we’re in Season 3 Episode 3 and a lot is happening. In this episode, we didn’t get to see the regular cast (bummer) but we got to see a lot more of Andrea & Michonne, Merle was re-introduced, and we learned about Woodbury and its creepy weird governor.

I am so utterly confused. (SPOILER ALERT) Why did the governor take down those poor army guys after he promised to find them and bring them back to Woodbury? Having military men in Woodbury can certainly provide more protection, although it would mean more mouths to feed. Still, they would have been worth their weight in gold! The only things I can think of are:

  • Was the governor threatened by all the big Army guys? You can tell from the episode that he’s a major control freak and in my opinion, he does things for his community not out of love or kindness but because he likes the respect and having god-like control over the population. But then, why did he spare Andrea & Michonne? Is it because they are women? Or because Merle knew Andrea? This is one of those questions that lead to more questions, and it’s driving me crazy!
  • Did he only kill them for the weapons and vehicles? Maybe the reasoning is as simple as the governor not wanting to share resources, and wanting them all for his own community. But then, there’s the whole Andrea & Michonne question all over again. Maybe because they are women, they are less of a threat to him?

That scene really broke my heart. I’m weird in a way that I really relate to characters in books and TV, and seeing those army guys go down made me really sad. In a post apocalyptic world, you’d want to think that there is safety in numbers, and having healthy (or appearing-to-be-healthy) people on your side can only add to safety and also contribute to enhancing the community.

My guess is really the first one. He killed them because he could do it. And he made his other men do the dirty work to exert power and control over them. Those guys look at him as a savior, so they are not a threat. Unlike these military guys who are well-trained soldiers. If he brought them back to Woodbury, maybe they would overthrow him? Ugh, I can’t wait till next week. Maybe there will be some sort of explanation for his actions.

So please share! Why do you think the governor of Woodbury killed those poor army guys?

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  1. shephard922 answered: I think he did it because he’s bat-shit crazy. That’s what I think.
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