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All the Small Things…

Miracle Whip: Do you love it or hate it? You can probably give me a quick answer to this one. For me, it’s much harder, and I learned this when my boyfriend asked me this question a few weeks ago. I couldn’t answer right away and he was astonished! He hates Miracle Whip, as it turns out. He gave me a fake gag reflex to show his disgust.

I had to to think about this one. I certainly don’t mind having Miracle Whip once in a while, but it’s probably not something that I’ll keep in my fridge. In short, I can take it or leave it.

I wanted to start off my first blog post with this story because this is around the time I decided that I wanted to actually have a blog at all.

I’m a ponderer. I like to think about things for a lot longer than your average bear. And in the last few months, happiness and feeling fulfilled as a person is something that I’ve thought long and hard about. Like Miracle Whip, some people love country music, while others can’t change the station quick enough. We all tick in different ways… I hate fishing. It makes me wildly unhappy. My boyfriend would go fishing every day if he could.

In my mind’s never-ending list of random stuff, I could name millions of things that make me unhappy… traffic, scrubbing the toilet, and waking up before 7 am, just to name a few. But when it came to things that make me truly happy, I was really baffled. Why couldn’t I name more than a handful of happiness items?

Then it dawned on me that I was being way too complicated. My standards of happiness were too high. I was thinking of big things, like owning a private jet or taking a month-long vacation every year. These things could potentially happen, but it’s unlikely at this stage of my life.

If you think about the things that make you unhappy during the course of a day, most are silly things, like getting stuck in traffic or standing in line at the bank. By this logic, minor things can also create happiness in a similar way. So it turns out the saying is correct: it’s really the small things in life that we take for granted.

With my long-winded prologue out of the way, I’m ready to begin! My blog will be about the small things that make me happy, like cake pops, a good glass of wine, watching The Walking Dead on TV, and shopping for new clothes. That’s what “pink” and “yellow” are all about. Pink represents love, compassion, and kindness, while yellow represents happiness, joy, and energy. We can take possession of these concepts when we appreciate the small things in life. It’s the only way to live!

I love talking and sharing ideas… I will use my blog to post recipes, discuss good movies, share new insight, and have great conversations. I hope you’ll join me on my mini-adventures!

With that being said, I’ll share something with you that makes me very happy: my dog, Bennington! We call him Bennie for short. He’s very sweet and always makes me smile, even when I’m having a lousy day.

Bennington the Dog!

I hope you’ll have a chance to think about some of the small things that make you happy, something to help you defray minor incidents that might annoy you or make you unhappy throughout the day. Have an excellent day and see you soon!

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