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Being Happy on Monday

I typically hate Mondays… it’s the farthest thing from Friday. I think it’s pretty universal. When I talk to people on Mondays, I feel like there are a lot of blah attitudes and people who are just plain moody! So tomorrow, I’m gonna try for a happier, brighter Monday.

  • Sleep! I’m gonna make sure I get to bed by 11pm. Part of a bad Monday is from being tired. Getting a full 7 to 8 hours sleep will help a great deal!
  • Eat! I’m going to email a friend tonight to see if they want to have lunch… this will give me something to look forward to.
  • Plan: First thing, I’ll make a list of things to do so I don’t have to think too hard and stay on task with my work day.
  • Clean - I’ll clean my office area tonight so I don’t have to feel stressed about it tomorrow morning!

What will you do to make your Monday happier? I hope you have a happy Monday!

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